Commercial Kitchens

If food is your business, you know the importance of keeping your cooking and refrigeration equipment in top working order.


AMG is a leader in the installation, service and maintenance of industrial kitchen equipment including: gas, electric, steam, refrigeration and microwave. AMG is recognized by the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA) as a CFESA certified company; and we are Ohio's top provider of OEM parts and service for Commercial Kitchen Equipment.

AMG focuses on installation, service and replacement of the key cooking pieces in your kitchen. Including:

  • Steamers
  • Steam Kettles
  • Gas and Electric Flat Grills
  • Kitchen Hoods, Exhaust and Make Up Airs
  • Food preparation equipment

AMG can also evaluate the performance of your equipment, make needed adjustments and service, and train your staff in how to keep the equipment clean, prolonging its life and functionality. We also may recommend a planned maintenance program to give you peace-of-mind in knowing that your investment is in top working order, and always able to serve your customers.

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